WHY VEP Apparat®
WHAT IS VEP Apparat®
USING VEP Apparat®


Advantages of VEP over tablets

  • Completely harmless to user’s health
  • More efficient than all other appliances in the market, efficiency of 99.99%
  • The shortest time of accomplishing erection, only half a minute
  • An option to control the course and frequency of a sexual intercourse (longer-lasting intercourse)
  • Helps extension of intercourse in premature ejaculation (ejaculatio precox)
  • Practice so far (19 years) has shown the users of VEP are satisfied and they introduced a novelty and harmony in their relationships.
  • For a man it is extremely important to regain his self-confidence through sexual power
  • Only VEP guarantees a man will never fail in a sexual intercourse with his partner
  • All other substances guarantee erection compliant to a user’s age. VEP guarantees erection as if you are younger than 20.
  • Permanent increase of penis
  • Does not cause changes of blood pressure
  • It may be used by people who suffer from diabetes or who have had a heart attack
  • The question whether VEP is a good investment – the users of VEP answer that the return on the investment is triple (one device provides thousands of sexual intercourses)
  • The only device that has a Quality Certificate EN ISO 13485
  • We are the only ones who issue a written warranty for all the above-mentioned.

no chemicals
and drugs


Advantages of VEP over other devices

Only VEP device has self-removable rubber bands that provide experiencing orgasm. They are provided in five sizes that are simple for putting on and removing by unbuttoning elastic rubbers. This gives a selection adequate for different sizes of penises; they are effective in preventing premature ejaculation, and resolve the problem of infertility caused by unsatisfactory erection, since they enable ejaculation inside the vagina.

Compared to other devices, VEP seal rings in 6 sizes enable equal distribution of blood and good quality erection.

Patent solution of pump construction, applied for the first time in the world, enables gaining controlled limited sub-pressure whose value does not exceed 450mb (equal to sub-pressure on a plane). This provides the users, who choose pumping dynamics both equal distribution of blood though spongy penis tissue and maximum safety and comfort, since, unlike electrical and battery pumps, no injuries may be caused when the blood vessels are filled too quickly and the possibility of capillary burst is eliminated.

in less than
one minute